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We believe that every Lebanese family should have a decent and stable place to live in.

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Our Mission and Vision

Min Beib La Beib (MBLB) was officially launched on December 19th, 2019 when the economic situation in Lebanon deteriorated and people were faced with an unexpected inflation. MBLB is run by a group of dedicated women who could not sit still and witness this developing crisis and saw the urge to act and help people on the ground.

The purpose of this nonprofit is first and foremost to deliver necessary items to underprivileged families, after visiting them and evaluating their needs. At its inception, MBLB was running on a small budget. It collected used furniture and other necessary items delivering them to needy families from door to door without any expense on both ends.

After the August 4th explosion, MBLB began accepting donations to purchase brand new furniture and appliances. This is because the demand for furniture and home appliances has grown dramatically and the supply of donors in kind within the country was no longer sufficient to meet these needs.

Whenever possible, MBLB employs underprivileged individuals. Low skilled workers are hired to drive the delivery truck and help unload the items. Painters are hired for refurbishing and carpenters are paid to fix and install the items in the homes. This enables them to generate income and become self-sufficient.

Towards the end of 2021 and continuing into 2022, MBLB started and will continue to work closely with local craftsmen to develop an MBLB furniture line. Basic items such as closets, dining tables, chairs and sofas that can be easily customized depending on each family’s needs will carefully be designed at a relatively low cost. The idea is not to wait for in kind donations only but to have items ready and available at all times to fill the intensified demand for furniture and provide families with a decent home.

Meet the team

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Lana El Solh: Founder and President

Ghida Yammine: Founder and Director

Rawiya Baalbaki: Communications Manager

Dina El Fil : Project Manager

Tima Kassir: Project Manager

house500+Homes Furnished
help400+Appliances Bought
love3300+Families Helped
map600+Mattresses and Beddings Bought
food1200+Food Boxes Delivered

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How it all began


“ Je ne pensais qu'à ça : ouvrir un dépôt, pour y recevoir des meubles en bon état puis les redistribuer à des familles nécessiteuses afin de les reconforter, leur montrant ainsi qu'elles ne sont pas abandonnées. Un projet qui m'a empêché de dormir jusqu'à ce que Min Beib La Beib voit le jour en décembre 2019. ”

Lana El Solh